“It was clear to the architects and to the Housing Authority that the county would not tolerate the ‘institutional’ architecture commonly associated with Federal housing. (…) (A) project that would utilize the available land in such a way as to not destroy the natural beauty of the surrounding areas was definitely indicated.  Believing that a community has a right to expect federal government projects in its midst be utilitarian without defacing the community, the architects designed the project with care and dedication.”

- Aaron Green, Golden Gate Village architect

GGV Residents Share Memories and Hopes

The residents of Golden Gate Village filed a class action lawsuit against Marin County and the Marin Housing Authority on August 6, 2020.

Bernadette Stuart, formerly employed by the Marin Housing Authority (MHA) as property manager of Golden Gate Village, became a whistleblower after being placed on involuntary leave by the MHA.

On September 18, 2017, Golden Gate Village was placed on the National Historic Register.

National Historic Register

During World War II, Marin City was a thriving shipbuilder’s town which turned out 93 Liberty ships before the war’s end. Many of the town’s 6,000 newly arrived workers were African-Americans from the Deep South, who had been excluded from higher-paying industrial jobs at home. In Marin City they found skilled, well-paying work, and a supportive, tight-knit, ethnically diverse community.

Outside the shipyard, however, was another matter. (Read more...)

GGV Files Class Action Suit

Love and Honor Goes to Golden Gate Village (watch the video)

Marin City: Past, Present, and Promises (watch the video)

Marin City and Golden Gate Village (watch the video)

Preview a video proposal by young filmmaker, Angelica Ekeke.  

Marinship and Marin City:

how we helped win the war 1942-1945 (Read more...)

Key Steps toward Self-Determination

Media Backgrounder


Coming Home:

Celebrating Our Past, Claiming Our Future

Golden Vision: Preserving the Past, Protecting the Future

Local Marin high school students document the reality of decades of neglect at Golden Gate Village by the Marin Housing Authority (Watch the video)  

Making a Way Out of No Way

A vibrant expression of Marinship history in rap by the Marinovators.

Watch the portion of the California State Historical Commission's 2017 meeting that was devoted to the NRHP application for Golden Gate Village.

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Courtesy John Carl Warnecke Archive, circa 1963