In 2014, the Resident Council first offered its vision for the revitalization of Golden Gate Village; for almost eight years the Marin Housing Commissioners routinely ignored our request to present this vision.

Dismissed by those charged with protecting our interests, the Council assembled its own team of professionals and developed a detailed, 170+ page document. It includes a historic structure report, sustainability assessment, historic landscape anaylsis, detailed design considerations, and proposed funding sources.

Additionally, the Resident Plan offers solutions for the three key concerns raised by HUD - and without destroying the historic integrity of the Village:

1. Minimal, temporary displacement of GGV residents during renovation.

2. "Over-housing" and senior needs.

3. Expanded opportunities for community and other meeting space.

Supported publicly by a substantial majority of GGV heads-of-household, the Resident Plan stands in sharp contrast to any plan that would involve new building.

It is the quickest to commence, the quickest to complete, the least expensive (while still providing deep green, state-of-the-art renovation) - and the only detailed plan ready to meet HUD's demands right now.

You can read it for yourself here.

"Creativity density in people is the best platform for growth and reinvention, not density created by destroying open space or disintegrating legacy communities."

Golden Gate Village Resident-Led Vision   Statement

It's time to think about reparations.

"While California voters have favored existing homeowners over aspiring one, lawmakers and local officials are experiementing with ways to hack the baked-in inequities." Read the full article by Justin Phillips in the San Francisco Chronicle to learn more.

February 25, 2022 Update:

While the MHA announced at the Commission meeting on 2/15/22 that they intended to create a working group that includes the Resident Council to futher explore and develop the Resident Plan with the intention of designating it as the preferred revitalization plan for Golden Gate Village - they have taken no concrete steps to date. Read our legal request to Interim Director Kimberley Carroll for immediate action here.