Incorporated as a 501(c)3 in 2005, the five-member Golden Gate Village Resident Council (GGVRC) is the elected representative for all of Golden Gate Village. During the ensuing years, the GGVRC has fought long and hard with the Marin Housing Authority, the Marin Housing Commission, and the Marin Board of Supervisors since 2013 to share the residents’ renovation plan. Despite winning a lawsuit in 2014 that reaffirmed the Council’s legal status and authority, the GGVRC’s fight to be heard has continued to this day.

According to the GGVRC, their plan was created “to address all the deferred maintenance needed, but not one fix at a time; rather, to create a path of growth of the local economy with shared opportunity for wealth.” The resident plan strongly aligns with the Green New Deal (and, in fact, preceded it). It upgrades all existing buildings to maximal energy efficiency; provides jobs with resources and training for local youth; provides affordable, safe, and adequate housing; provides a path for home ownership; secures community resiliency; and counteracts systemic injustices that have been baked into the culture of Marin for at least the past 75 years.

While the Resident Plan has enjoyed the support of the majority of Golden Gate Village residents since the beginning, the Marin Housing Commission, consisting of the five-member County Board of Supervisors and two public housing citizens, steadfastly refused to consider it until late January, 2022, instead supporting the Marin Housing Authority's plan to transfer ownership and management of GGV to a private New Jersey-based developer.

It took extensive investigation by the Golden Gate Village pro-bono strategy team beginning in late 2020 to unravel and expose the financial irregularities embedded in the plans presented by the MHA's outside consultants, which had gone unnoticed and unchallenged until then. And it opened the door just enough to bring the Resident Plan to the forefront. (See the details below.)

“Privatization is not in the interest of Golden Gate  Village residents. It will take money out of the community and continue a dangerous cycle in America of erasing affordable public housing.  We have a plan that empowers and revitalizes our community."

- Royce McLemore, GGVRC President

Financial Irregularities in PNA Report to Marin Housing Commission Exposed!

The 2020 Property Needs Assessment (PNA) accepted by the MHA and Housing Commissioners in July 2020 was riddled with financial irregularities uncovered by the GGV Resident Council’s strategic team. MHA’s outside law firm responded to these findings by acknowledging serious flaws but asserted the report was “preliminary.” GGV’s legal counsel pointed out this response was “long on platitudes but short on substance.” A revised PNA was subsequently submitted to the MHA on March 8, 2021, but not made available to the Resident Council until May 28. This 281-page "final" report includes 36 substantive revisions and a reduction in estimated rehabilitation costs of more than $26 million. Read the Resident Council’s response (6/9/21) to this latest report here.